Soft Lights and Bright Nights

When I crave your voice,
I scroll back to messages that we’ve sent each other
And imagine your voice
telling me all of these things.
But these moments of weakness indulged by fantasy
only leave me all the more

Where i stand now-
On slippery sand
Never knowing what step may send me sliding down
This slippery slope
Of friendship.

I would try my best to forget you,
But I don’t want to

What I want to forget is the feeling I get
When I see you.
The feeling of
Wanting to tell you about the time my heart was first broken,
The feeling of
Wanting to hear that you’ll fix me again.

Take a look into my Technicolor heart
and find in me
What you’ve been looking for
All this time.
Because for me,
You are everything that I have ever wanted.

Soft Lights and Bright Nights

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