Heartstrings and Telephone Wires

Nothing but thin air,
Like a bird I do perch myself upon.
Nothing in the chill air
Except for the strained eyes
That silently, quietly
Look for any sign of Hope.

Holding onto your shadow has never been easier
Since you left me in the dark.
I’ll cut the Telephone Wires
And chop down the Poles
And with the fire I’ll make
Will I burn everything I own that reminds me of you.

I’m tired of listening for you words through heavy silence,
I’m sick of looking for signs I know I won’t find.
I’m done with playing this game we made together,
I’m calling in for surrender.

Blotches of Ink I leave on the page
Are reminiscent of the mess that We have made
And every page dedicated to you
Shall be donated to this purging fire.
I’ll start on clean sheets
Left unmarred by tears and tears,
Unlike me.

Heartstrings and Telephone Wires

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