Some people fall into
As their means to escape.
And within their attempt for
Instead they accidentally enslave themselves
To a far worse dictator
Than they themselves could ever dream to be.

And they can never find escape
As their blood turns to alcohol, they lament the
Loss of their control.

In this same destructively addicting way,
I fall into You
As a ferris wheel
Coming back to the metaphorical hand that
Never fails to emotionally hit me where
It Hurts.

My blood turning not into alcohol but to tears,
I always find myself back in your bedroom
Looking at the pictures of Us
On your faded daisy patterned walls
Reminiscent of Love.
And you’ve left a long time ago,
But the ghost of our memories keeps me company
As your padlocked doors and barred windows
Leave me
With nothing to do but watch the color fade
Off of the picture
Of our First Kiss.


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