Just Wait

I love you now
And you don’t return these feelings now.

But what you don’t know
Is that you can never escape me. The way
I wrap boys around my finger
In a way that makes them beg
To be wrapped around knives instead
Is how I will finish you. This
Goodbye will be the only
Melody in your mind
As you’ll later sit in your bed
Wishing I were in it with you.
But I’ll remind you with my refusal to acknowledge you
That you’re now dead to me.
And you’ll wish you were dead.

Don’t underestimate this game,
Because I dragged you into it
Despite your pleas.
And when you come crawling to me
When it’s far too late-
I’ll merely sit on my throne and
Out of spite,
I’ll make you think you have a chance
As I behind bloody velvet curtains
Sharpen the knife
That’ll send you to the place
That you once sent me.

Just Wait

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