why Adults crave Sleep

Fear the monsters in the Dark.
But we adults
The real beasts roam about
During the Day.

The monsters that devour reason-
Emotions prowl
Amongst the living,
Consuming the afflicted like a
Fire that destroys the delicate pages
Of a well-written novel
That brought controversy.

For the Innocent,
Reality brings peace-
For the Tainted,
Is the only means of escape.
The moment the eyelids close
Is the brief reprieve
From the horrors of Life.

Blessèd sleep
For children-
Is merely a laceration of the strings that
Tie them to Joy.
But for Us-
Once the ship of dreams has sailed,
We can forget our sorrows-
Cruising high above the Sea of Sorrows,
We escape our Numbers,
our Pressures,
our Heartbreaks.

But when we awake,
The pain is magnified

why Adults crave Sleep

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