Why am I crying again?

Caught your eye,
You give me a small shake of your head
as you send a tiny smile my way.
That’s when the rain started-
Right as you turned
To leave me for the last time.
Leaving Me
with nothing but our last kiss
Upon my now lonely lips. And that was when
I hid behind a smile that broke my heart harder than you did, with
The tears that mixed in with the drops falling from the sky.

That was nearly a year ago. And the rain only hurt because
The last time it rained,
It was a veil for us
As we kissed
And our hearts synchronized
And we were as one,
Not officially, but
I had a ring then to signify that the deal was nearing its close. What a joke-
What was nearing the end was not to seal the deal,
But to seal our doom
As we ended
Far before My love for you did.

My tears
As they fell down onto my heart
Only rubbed salt
Into the wound.

That day,
I wished that it would rain so much that I would simply drown.
I would rather drown in water
Than in sorrow.

Why am I crying again?

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