With every passing minute
That we fail to speak
With every passing second
We spend in a
Meaningless silence
Our fingers unlace
And we come undone-
Like abandoned shoes on telephone wires,
We hang in the air
With the suspense
And the questions
We don’t bother to ask or answer.

And when you’ve got the left in left
And I the right in right
Holding the phone that connects us with wires
To listen to the same melody
As I pick the music that asks the questions for me
As I am too afraid of the answers unspoken.

But when we turn at the same time
To look into each other’s eyes
I can’t help but feel my chest
Threaten to stop functioning
And I hold my breath to
suppress the Three Words I so desire to say.
And I drop the gaze
But desperately hold on to the moment.


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