Summer Memories from Years Gone By

In the summer
We all took a trip down time
and went back to days
with backpacks on brick walls
And words of reckless abandon.
Sandboxes unused
and lunch tables littered with juice boxes that
held surprises.
Back to days when all we worried about were
Having to eat cafeteria nuggets and
when first loves seemed bigger than the world.
Back to when we would scream at the top of our lungs
as we bickered over rules
on meaningless games.

Back to when we wore leaves on our backs, not
Back when we had music on our minds, not
The lectures of a thousand people.

You and I
We swung our feet to the melodies of
Music we shared
But just as we are now, our hands never touched.

Although I can bring myself back to days that we shared,
I can’t go back
And incorporate you into the three years you missed.
Those years will always, from this day forward, seem
To me. I am unable
To reprint my books
With pages that weren’t even there
In the first place.

Summer Memories from Years Gone By

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