Fairies and Tales

The time
Is ten-oh-one
And I am falling into sorrow and love
In the way only fairies do.

Every aching click of the minute hand sends
Shivers down my icy hair
Up my fingers
And into my heart,
Where I keep the doors closed no matter how
Many times
Grandmother Wolf knocks.

But this isn’t Once Upon a Time
And my pages won’t ever end with Happily Ever After,
This is anything but a book of magic. If anything
I would be a cookbook with
Recipes for disaster. Did
Ever wish that her prince would sit down with her and instead
Of saying- “let your hair down”
he would say “let your troubles down” instead?
Did Snow White ever wish
That she had stayed dead and cold in the casket
With the poison apple coursing through her veins?
Did Cinderella wish that the clock forever chimed eleven fifty nine
Just so she could eternally live the moment of adrenaline?

In this same painful way
I live with regrets
And this makes me hate stories with bitter passion-
Nothing in reality works the way it’s supposed to, you find
Your Prince
In different castles with other damsels, your
Knight is but the Night
And evil is never overcome,
It is just swept under the rug
And spells are never even cast to be broken in the first place.

Fairies and Tales

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