If my Love was like Music

Sometimes the songs I come to love
Are love at first sight.
The way the baritone line captivates me,
The way that the Melody refuses to let me go
Until it’s been put on repeat,
So many times I could whisper the lyrics with my dying breath,
So many times that I could never forget, no matter how hard I tried.

And yet other songs
Need to grant second chances.
Recoiling at dissonance and
Empty beats that merely feel awkward.
And forcing myself to put them on repeat
I play them over and over until my speakers wear thin. But still,
I struggle to find the meanings
In meaningless lyrics.
But there is always the gold in the dark,
As the fog lifts- the hundred and first time I bring my shaking fingers to press “Play”
I realize
The missing beats serve a purpose, the gibberish lyrics
Sing of heartbreak. And
as I fall into love slowly in three-fourths time, like a contemplative waltz-
I know that no other song
Will know me, read me, be me
As much as this one.

If my Love was like Music

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