Always Be

I’ll always be loud
And obnoxious
And “out there”,
And unfit for you.

I’ll always be a dreamer,
A schemer,
An over-achiever-
Good timing-
“Sorry, not sorry”.

I’ll always be masculine
With games and the humor
The passion I carry
In the pockets of my jeans,
Not skirts.

I’ll always be me
And never her,
You’ll never love me
And always her,
I’ll keep entendres in the back room
To throw at you
When I’m over my temper tantrums
And fits of unrest.

I’ll always be cryptic,
Puzzle you, piece me out-
I’ll always be stressed
But dessert sweet just for you.

Guys can love girls
And I’ll always be a brother
And I’ll always love you more than she will,
I’ll always give you more than what she can ever dream to offer.
That’s what I’d rather be-
A heroine in shadows,
A princess in rags,
The perfect girl for you
disguised as a friend.

Always Be

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