The City

The City glows
bright tonight,
And I’m sitting here thinking of you
thinking of her.
We could be out there
In the crisp Apple wind
But I’m writing poems with
words I’d love to text to you,
Words you’ll glance at-
“Seen at 10:57 PM”.

One day
I want to take you up into the mountains
Where the atmosphere is thinner than our conversations,
Where the wind blows colder
than our friendship.
I want to tell you so many things, so many stories
And hear your laugh,
The laugh that leaves a Ringing In My Ears-
The laugh that makes me feel a few degrees warmer.

But the city is where you’ll be out and about
As you leave me lonely in the clouds
Looking down at the lights from above,
Leaving nothing but guesses as to where you are.
“Seen at 11:02 PM”.

The City

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