Fruitcake Isn’t Cake

Fruitcake isn’t cake,
like how we say we’re friends but we’re actually not.

Some people argue that it is,
that cake doesn’t need fluff and frosting,
doesn’t need to be sweet or delicious.
But then what’s the point?
You can argue with me that the thing we have going
can be called friendship.
I’d call it false advertising.

Fruitcake isn’t cake,
It’s a trick,
Just like how you say we’re friends
and then simply disappear.

Fruitcake Isn’t Cake

One thought on “Fruitcake Isn’t Cake

  1. i think you have had some really bad fruitcake. If fruitcake is made properly it’s delicious. Problem is, a lot of people don’t know how make it correctly.


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