Long Distance Friendships

No matter which way you cut it,
Fate and Destiny can always
be manipulated.

Sure, it might have been fate for us to meet-
But what is also Fate is the fact that we were not destined to
Meet in the day- Only by snips,
odds and bobs of disjointed conversation
like spider legs and halfhearted doodles
in math classes that we don’t have together.
What Fate also has done
is bring you two together. That’s a fact I can’t ignore,
a Destiny I can’t manipulate to favor me.

Three words max is what I hear from you
but never the three I want, just three words that you
throw out for everyone. Including me, I’m just a part of
the peanut Gallery, another Jane in a sea of “Mary”-s and “John”-s.
I thought that long-distance relationships were hard,
but long-distance friendships are even harder.

Long Distance Friendships

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