Give me wings so I can fly,
Away from here, anywhere
Anywhere but here.

I am a broken man
A mere Clockwork machine
placed in a temporal world where nothing
Brings me nothing but pain.
In this spiraling chasm of despair
I am merely empty
As I resort to burning my bones
When I run out of fuel.
Each test leaves me all the more sad
And each word you say leaves me all the more hopeless. If I
Could repair our broken records, maybe
We’d have a glimpse of the song we loved
So much, so dearly.

But as an alcoholic falls back to his drunken ways
As the doomed claw their ways out of the pits
(only to fall back into the “same patterns, same routines”)
I bring myself, again and again, back to you.
Give me freedom,
And I will choose the knife.


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