Friendship isn’t this,
We aren’t “best friends” like you’ve advertised.
I think you need to get your priorities straight
Instead of being nice to everyone.
It’s good, but returning everyone’s advances
Only makes you cheap,
And your Love
Even cheaper.

It hurts and this sucks-
I know that you know
And I’m pissed
And I’m past caring now
Is what I say,
But I know that it’s not true.
I wish that I could cut all ties with you
While I’m here spending all of break
I think of you and me
And everything we could be
And everything we’re not.
If I had a choice
I’d forfeit. But this isn’t just a matter of

I want to yell at you
To figure out yourself
But instead, I’m yelling at me
To get myself together, to ignore the pain from picking up my broken pieces.
Unhealthy, I know-
But I’m just here wishing that I will
Find a way out from Overdose.
I’m looking for an exit through an entrance of pain,
But there’s nothing captivating about being captive.


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