I’m standing in a
Telephone booth
With your number scribbled on my hand
Written mere minutes before
I left your side
And I’m calling you now
With the last
Ten cents I have
Just so I can hear your voice
One more time.

I let it ring
And all I hear from the other side is
“You have reached the voice message box of…”
Of who?
Someone I used to love,
Someone I thought I knew?
Someone who couldn’t give me two minutes out of their sixty,
Someone I just spent my last ten on?

I’ve got to make sure
I’ve got my priorities right
Because I thought you were someone I could trust
But sending me to voicemail
Just sent me somewhere I didn’t want to be-
And the Rain falls harder with every second the dial tone passes
While I merely hang limp
Wishing for another way out,
Finding none.


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