The Truth about our “Friendship”

“Fuck you!”

Those are two words we say jokingly to each other,
But I have to try hard and bite my tongue
In order to keep the bitterness from tainting me.
I’m bitter
From thinking of all the inside jokes
You have with other

“You know what’s a joke?
Our friendship.”

That’s what I always say
And I can’t help that it rings of truth
Every time I say it.
I hate that I love you
And that I can’t help it.
The fact that I think
That your laugh is cute
And that the way you struggle to speak up
Makes me want to speak for you.
I hate you
So much,
I hate you
I hate you
I really fucking hate you,
I want you to know that I do.


And you never come back,
But I should expect that by now.
It’s not my fault that you never come back, is it?
Because you’re so preoccupied with other people
I’m not your best friend-
If I was,
If you wanted to really talk,
Wouldn’t you come back?
Don’t leave me hanging,
Just say goodbye
To me and my offered friendship.

I’ll tell you everything you say to me, with nothing but truth-

Fuck you,
Our friendship is a joke,

The Truth about our “Friendship”

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