Loving You
Is the hardest thing
I ever had to do.

Not really, but it sucks so much
That it’s really starting to feel that way.
So much that you’re making me,
Of all people,
Fall back to clichés to keep myself from feeling too alone.

I’m glad clichés exist,
They’re keeping me company
In the way you always do,
But for all the right reasons,
The opposite of you.
Reminding me that I may be “one”
But I’m not the “only”-
Like how I’m your one,
But never your only.
The single difference is how
You make me feel,
Whereas I’m reminded that I’ve got bigger
To face-
Better problems
Than you.

It might seem like for me,
I’m a clichéd Juliet
In a cliché teenage romance
With cliché aspirations
And cliché dreams-
But just as much as the word itself is so cliché,
I can’t help but hang on to it with a frantic feeling
Of ecstatic, despairing joy-
Whenever I hear the word,
The word that reminds me that I’m so together and alone,



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