Neoclassical Romanticism

I can’t help but think that we’re two
Opposing spectrums
On the color wheel of life.

I’ll always like you
More than you’ll ever like me,
And I can’t help but think that somehow
You’ll secretly like me too
But never say.

You’re the one scared of day
And I’m the one scared to leave the night,
You’re the one that can change everything for me
And keep me cozy where I want to be.

I’m the Romantic
The whimsical,
The floater kept at bay
By only the reality of you.
The emotions that burn deep red,
Leaving scars along both your heart and mine-
That’s me.
I’ll keep you on your toes
And lead you into adventures that you never dreamed of,
Because that’s me.

You’re the Neoclassical,
The one with reality,
Missing only one question and leaving my one question blank,
Keeping me rooted when I
Threaten to be swept away.
“It’s not fair,”
I always say-
How you always make me better,
How you nurse wounds I didn’t even know that I had.
But that’s you.

Neoclassical Romanticism

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