Memoirs of the Boy That Sent My World Into Limbo

The band name is what you are,
The boy that led
To my fallout. The
Pizza you never ate with us and
The time you don’t spend-
(At least, not anymore-)
The nights outdoors until one in the morning,
The drinks we shared without second thought-
That was us. The drink you bought because
I wanted it, the things we split
Before we ourselves were split.
I’d always have my graces spared by the twilight cloak
That masked the roses painted on my cheeks,
The grumbling of crowds that hid from you
The waver in my voice,
The confessions muttered under my breath.

But summer is done and over
Just like the connection we once had in days better than these,
And I’ll be lucky if I can even find the slightest
From your side
To share another Original Tart moment with me,
Like the time I had to rush out,
Stealing the frozen yogurt
All the while wishing I was able to steal your heart instead.

The moment you looked so downcast had me wondering
When you said bitterly
That we had no chance to meet again,
Looking at our timetables that confined us to
Opposite sides of buildings
For eight hours a day.
That time, when you said that maybe we weren’t meant to be
Had me thinking that you wanted us to be-
But I hadn’t counted on other people
Coming into equations.
You know, I’m much better at
Finding the way to the answer
Than finding the correct answer

The time I decided to end the game myself and tell you
I liked you
But then I messed up and didn’t tell you the truth,
Or the whole of it at least-
So it didn’t matter anyways.
And looking back,
If I knew that I’d still be in this state
Six months from then,
I never would have confessed.

Memoirs of the Boy That Sent My World Into Limbo

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