5th Wheel

My question is,
If she asks you to go,
You’ll be too nice to say no, right?

I’ve lost the game before I started. This is like Mario Party,
There isn’t room for five
In a minigame meant for four.
I’ve been checkmated by the four of you, as friends,
It would be awkward for you to ask me
When you four are so close
And two of you confirmed.
Leaving her stag-
You wouldn’t put that on her,
So even if you wanted to,
You wouldn’t ask me.

So it’s not my fault or hers,
But in the end it’s just on you-
No matter what you choose
You just leave everyone broken.
In terms of sensibility it would be
For you to ask her,
Completing a circle that I
Was not invited to.
It makes the most sense
And you wouldn’t hate it-
I know you wouldn’t.

Because you are lonely.

You wouldn’t follow your heart
Because if it would hurt someone close to you,
You wouldn’t dare.
Even though you’re the one that always tells me to do
Whatever my heart desires,
Shouldn’t you stop being a hypocrite
And listen to yourself?

By trying to be nice
And never left alone
You are just hurting those around you,
Making me leave your side.

5th Wheel

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