The First Time I Drop Names

If you’re getting mad at me over a guy
Then you’re just another girl
That will never be noticed by him anyways.
You’re the 99% out of 100,
Congratulations for being basic.

Guess what? I’ve had my fair share of one-sided catfights
With girls that accuse me of stealing their men. Listen, honey-
I never stole him
If he was never yours in the first place. You know
The clocks that scream “TIME”
are close to ticking their last,
The time was never mine to begin with,
Never mine to count like the quarters and stars I do
When I lack for something of greater entertainment.

And if I’m not happy, it certainly won’t be over you girls
That cause strife with me over a boy that’s far too immature to care,
A boy that doesn’t know the path to his own heart-
That’s all your illusion. Don’t try to knock the gun
Out of my hands
When you’re the one with the finger
On the trigger.

The First Time I Drop Names

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