Feeling Ghosts At After-Dinner Toasts

Ghosts creep up to my ear and whisper words of torment,
Like a neverending mantra they whisper
“Lonely, lonely,
While silver dinner bells ring quietly
Then louder,
The church bells chime
As the wedding bells toll, too.

I can feel their miasma swirl around me
As I’m turning around to try and hide myself within the shadows
The mouth of the monster opens wide and invites me in
To become one with nothingness once more.

The black slippered feet of mine
Keep dancing to the beat,
But closer and closer
I am drawn to the emptiness of the shadows-
As I walk myself to the edge of the world and peer down into the abyss,
The sweet summer wind lapping at my skirts,
Skirts black as pitch.

The maw opens wide to welcome me in
To once again become a nothing in a world of nothingness,
Alluring me with the promise to end things,
Things that never began.

Feeling Ghosts At After-Dinner Toasts

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