The Theory Of Relativity

I’m the one who sings in the rain,
Hair unkempt and umbrella swinging freely.
I’m the one who takes her coffee with one sugar cube too many
In order to compensate for the bitterness of life.
I’m the one who keeps her eyes open for her first kiss
So she can further memorize every small detail about his face.
I’m the one you’ll never get (in both ways)
And I’m the one who holds her breath to get rid of the hiccups in her words.

The way I put Band-Aids on wounds horizontally,
The way I look at the moon with unmistakable fervor,
The way I let the tears fall as if they were drowning in love.

To me, every smile is an eternity,
Each word a mile,
Each glance a path directly leading to the answers of Fate.
Keep me disillusioned long enough and I’ll fall up
Into the sky
And float away into the vastness of space-
And I’ll keep going so that you can’t shatter my windows and bring me down to earth again.

The Theory Of Relativity

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