Wendy And The Lost Boys

I want nothing more than to be alone forever,
Peter Pan, take me away and keep my youth bottled up
So that I can lead the lost boys to a place
Where no one will find us.

The lost boys, hearts confused
And yearning for love-
One filling his voids with random girls,
One trapped in a box within his own mind-
One who chases the loneliness that eludes him,
One who lives in a city so polluted he can no longer see the light.

My lost boys, I’d love to open their eyes
And have them see the truth.
No longer will we
Bear with brief cases and an eternity of reliance on money;
The only green we’ll ever see will be
The grass underneath our feet as we climb
Physical mountains to get to the peak
Of our emotional needs.

Take me away and keep me blindfolded on the way
So that I’ll never even remember the way back,
Away from twin stucco roofs and
Cars that purr like the cats they’ll never be.

Wendy And The Lost Boys

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