Winter Formal and The Questions I Never Got To Ask

Across the dance floor of a club
Four feet away,
I count the minutes like seconds until the bomb goes off-
When Question One will be answered:
“Will the song that I’m hoping for, play?”
Thirty minutes to go
And the beat still dropping hard-
Like my heart when I see you with her.
But the stolen glances from across the floor
As the lights distort my feelings from you
As the bass pounds along to my heart,
Reminds me with its echoes
Of how empty I feel inside.

Question two has everything in relation to how you feel for me. The lyrics to the song go:
“Why do you steal glances when you’ve already stolen my heart?” The chorus screams
“Do you like me? Why did you find me to talk to me?”
The awkwardness was so thick
All we said was hat and squid-
Then I felt the vibe of your unofficial date wanting to keep you to herself
So leaving you with your own name,
I left.

I keep thinking back-
What if I dragged you into that photo booth and had you there
Only to turn and kiss your cheek at the last second?
We wouldn’t be like the couples that loved
And I guess that would’ve hurt me more.

And what hurts more is that I like you so much
And I want to assume that you like me too-
But you’re so illusive like the smoke I can never hope to grasp
I hold myself from finding you and I told myself-
If I saw you that it would be fate
And at that moment you came to say hello.

I’ll never be the girl in the movies
Who prays to God and gods for a wish that would’ve been granted anyways.
I wanted that song to come on
So I could give myself one small reason to talk to you,
To take your hand and reverse the roles;
To ask for the slow dance that would send my heart home long before I left.

Winter Formal and The Questions I Never Got To Ask

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