The Finality Of The Last Goodbye

To me,
You were a chance-
“One in a million”.
But that’s exactly the thing
That will keep me going,
That’s all you are,
“One in a million”.

If I could make one wish
Upon dying roses
Scarred with the brutality of
The state of nature,
Then I would ask
To never fall in love again,
To never feel that strange heartbeat
Ever again.

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,
The agony of every goodbye,
The image of one person’s face burned into my mind
Like timers on bombs ready to detonate,
The name that plays on the tip of my tongue
As its five letters play on my heartstrings-
The feeling I get from this
Convinces me that I’m addicted to pain,
As I savor every bittersweet moment.

Until the moment I say my final goodbyes
Like a harbinger of reprieve,
I’ll keep my chin up at smile one last time
As I see you off
Like a lonely bride wed to misery
Seeing off her melancholy husband for the last time,
With a curt, cheerful wave
I’ll keep all my secrets upon my sealed lips unkissed.

But the truth is,
I don’t think I can face you properly until I can,
Without regret or remorse,
Tell you that my love is a thing of the past.

The Finality Of The Last Goodbye

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