A-Litteration (Throwing Away The Scratched Records)

Lonely lovers losing
And littered hearts,
Longing for last chances,
Listless skies
Leaving lost romances
With lies.

Obsolete feelings,
Getting over the octaves
That originally opened doors,
Mere songs that now hurt when I think of me
And you-
Being okay with
Only ourselves outside
Under orange sunsets
With memories of things we once did.

Valuable pains
And the veritas they bring,
The view from this vast meadow
Brings me to realize
The victory in failing to be yours,
The victim of the crime
Is the victor.

Every time I hear your name
I flinch,
But eventually,
Even this evil will bring enlightenment-
The side-effects of heartbreak
Will ease
And I
Will be left
Not empty
But with so much more than


A-Litteration (Throwing Away The Scratched Records)

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