I’m the girl that you met then forgot,
And by some twist of fate
We were brought together
I’m the girl of
Sun-kissed bubble teas
Shared at midnight
With hands barely touching.
I’m the adventure that life gave you,
The one that showed you the colors of the sunset.
Songs we loved at
Three in the morning,
Jokes we shared
Just between the two of us.
I’m your best friend
And someone that loves you
So, so
But now,
I’m merely one of three.

I’m the girl that took your breath away.
I’ll forever be unknown to you
And that will only draw you closer.
Who am I to you? Will you ever know?
The mysteries of unknown love
Capture you.
And God knows,
We have chemistry together.
But do we?
Through these unanswered questions
And confused hearts,
One answer surfaces.
For now,
I’m merely one of three.

You met me through the first
And we hit it off.
Sure, I’m the girl in between-
Just barely elusive enough to trap you
Yet close enough to make you love me.
Why are there even questions
As to where you lie with me?
How is there even any debate?
I’ll change to be someone you like,
But everyone is innocent until proven guilty-
Likewise with love.
Why is there even a question?
I’m wondering here
I’m merely one of three.


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