The Night After A Heartbreak

Go take a walk
To the nearest bathroom
And take a good look at yourself
The mirror.

Hop in the shower,
Clothes optional-
And take a deep breath.
Turn the water on full,
Turned all the way left
Towards hot.

Ask yourself questions
And just sit
As the steam billows around you,
Helping you clear your head
As you ask yourself

Take your time
And wait it out,
Try to forget the reason you are there,
Try to forget that you will eventually have to get out
And face the world again.

Forget everything but the water that falls
Like a sympathetic rain,
Forget that there is
A drought in progress
And that your bills will probably run high this month.
Sit in there for hours on end,
As long
As you need to.

And when you get out,
Remind yourself one last time-
There is nothing that a brief escape
Can’t fix.

The Night After A Heartbreak

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