It was only a couple of hours ago
That we sat in a music shop
With the guitar balanced awkwardly in your lap.

Fighting like we’re married,
Ignoring each other like we’re strangers,
What word do I use to describe

We’re more than friends
But less than lovers,
And God knows-
I’m not the only one that you put in this place.

Like the chorus that failed to match key
With the rest of this song,
Our explicitly secret feelings for each other
Just don’t fit the equation
Of us.

Why sing a song when the words don’t make sense?
The lyrics to our reasons contradict each other
And are thrown into the fire,
Graphite melting within the flames.

Write me a song about the story of you and me
And I guarantee to you
That the only words that you can come up with
Will be ones that will inevitably hurt me.


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