Vapor Trails

Do you recall that when we were younger,
We would look up to the sky and follow
The vapor trails
Left by some zooming pilot?
And when the plane traveled
“So slowly”
We thought,
We would always try to run
And catch up with it.
Do you recall
That we would always fall behind,
Gasping for breath and laughing?

I don’t really see you anymore
But by the river where we once played
I caught sight of the aeroplane
Leaving its vapor trail,
Slowly but steadily.
Just for old time’s sake
I ran as fast as I could to
Overtake it-
But as you can guess,
I failed to do so.

Are my vapor trail-
I can never catch up with you
No matter how slowly you seem to go.
You are always just one small step
Ahead of me,
But just close enough to think that I
Can make it.
You leave me gasping and breathless
And of course-
You always leave me

Vapor Trails

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