My Recovery is Your Regret

What’s the point of winning a war
If the only person you’re fighting
Is yourself?
Take my words with a grain of salt
Because God knows-
These days,
We’ve become so bland.

My vengence comes in installments
Of one regret at a time.
If you can’t keep the plants alive
Then surely you are an idiot,
Because all they need
Is just one goddamn thing.

If you can’t pick left or right
And decide to sit middle ground,
Your inaction is an action
That will ultimately bring
More chaos than either decision.
Like storms that blow hot and cold,
You decide to fall on one side of the spectrum
Only to change your point of view.

If you knew what I meant to you
With the absolute conviction of an innocent criminal
charged with manslaughter
Maybe you would have less trouble
Looking for the pieces that
Connect these words to you.

My Recovery is Your Regret

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