New York City

Glowing lights on a clichéd Broadway,
I came here to find the love
Within myself.
But does distance makes the heart grow fonder?
Does loneliness makes the mind grow weary?

New York has for me the charm I once found in you-
I fell in love with Times Square
To help me think outside the cube.
Central Park’s half-frozen lakes
Thawed my icy heart.
Fabulous 5th
Opened my eyes to the luxuries of the world
That you would never think to offer me.
The plane ride there flew me above the clouds
And lifted my spirits higher than you ever did
For me.
But all good things never last,
And as I make my way back
With every mile that I fly closer to the heart of L.A. and the
Heart of you,
I feel a little heavier-
Like the altitude is getting to me,
And I
Can no longer breathe.

New York City

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