Mom, I’m Sorry

Mom, I’m sorry that I never listened-
Sorry for broken heirlooms and broken relationships,
But at least the latter
Can be mended.
Mom, I’m sorry for the times I yelled at you,
For the times that I skipped family night
To go hang out with friends.
I’m sorry for missed calls and missed curfews,
But most of all,
I’m sorry for not loving you more.

But mom, do you realize
That you should’ve listened to my endless jabbering just a little more?
The times when I was seven and you snapped at me
To stop talking-
Do you regret not listening to me more,
As I never talked to you for a span of my adolescent years,
From the great age of twelve to seventeen?
But I’m sorry, mom-
For not trying harder to keep us
I’m sorry for everything, mom-
And I know that it’s not too late to say
I love you.

Mom, I’m Sorry

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