Why I Loved You

The reasons why I love you are still here,
But there’s one thing that I cannot confirm anymore.
These feelings I have for you,
They waver in their strength.

Why I loved you is for many reasons
But the reason why I no longer do
Outweighs the reason to love you
Any longer.

Ephemerality is my middle name
As I know all too well that things
Always find their ends.
If there was any way to undo the things I have done,
I would turn a blind heart to that option and trudge on,
Taking all pain and fear into heavy consideration.

If you had ever felt real love for me,
Tell me so.
I’m stuck looking for the glimpse of truth in your
Clouded eyes. Let me hear the
Melody of forgotten promises on the last second of your
Dying breath.

I loved you for so many reasons,
But now I find-
There are so many more
To hate you for.

Why I Loved You

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