Happiness Doesn’t Take Rain Checks

Only the ones who have ever lost love
Can ascertain-
Happiness doesn’t take
Rain Checks.

For this very reason alone,
I’d hate to lose you. You’re something
That I think I need, and it’s no small miracle
That we had the fate to meet.
Make fun of me for calling it
And laugh all you want,
My feelings haven’t changed in God-knows-how-long,
And the forecast spells cloudy
For years to come.

Give me a chance to win you over with the smile that comes up
Only when you’re with me. Don’t you know
That the only one that can fluster me like this
Is you?
Haven’t you figured out by now
That there’s more than meets the eye?
Happiness doesn’t take rain checks,
But I take chances.
Won’t you give me one?

Happiness Doesn’t Take Rain Checks

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