Revisiting Ghosts

The small eternity I loved you for
Is something that I keep dear.
In this paradigm of beautiful monotony,
I fell in love with the way that your laughter rang across
The neverending rhythm of the city.
The falling seconds where our eyes met
Meant for me
Something more than it could ever mean to you.
In the short moments,
I let myself fall down the rabbit hole that they call

If there was anything to be said about the way that time flows,
Each golden hour would melt away
Leaving nothing but the shells of the pearls
That once inlaid each minute.
Now the only thing that remains is the
Shadow of the ghost I named after you.

If I could describe my feelings for you
I would compare it to the flavor of blue Otter Pops,
The smell of diluted chlorine
Mixed with the sounds of muffled laughter.
This feeling that I have right now
Is what makes people cry when they read a good book,
The feeling when one realizes the futility of hope,
When I am once again forced to relive bittersweet memories.

Revisiting Ghosts

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