The Truth About Love

L does not stand for the way
They look at you.
L stands for
Standing up for the one you love.
L in love means
You’re ready to face the ends of the world with that one
Person. L means that you
Will hold their hand all the tighter when the waves get rough.

O stands for
Opposing viewpoints. It’s fine to
Disagree. People are all different
And that’s what makes your relationship
All the stronger.
After all,
How would we differentiate left from right
If one of the two ceased to exsist?
Shared interests bring people together,
But the small differences you find along the ocean
Are what bind two people and keep them
All the more stable.

V isn’t “Very, very extraordinary-”
That’s just dumb.
The life of the lover,
Is what fuels the fire and keeps
Passions on a rise.
Turbulence is normal
Because the choppy waters are alive
With what makes you you
And what makes them them.

E is for everything that you love about them,
All that you will come to love about them,
And all that you had loved about them.
Love changes and so do people-
Accepting them as they are
And staying true to yourself with every fibre of you being
Is what keeps love afloat.

The Truth About Love

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