Who moves first?
Who gets up to leave first?
Who breaks the eye contact first?
Reason and rationality all fade
And leave me with nothing but
Blurry moments.

On the highway,
Doing steady sixty fives just to reach you faster,
Everything to the left and right
Just goes
Blurry, blurry blurry.

Time just moves far too fast when I’m with you. Is this
The curse of those who fail to keep their precious moments close?
I want to remember every pitch of your voice
But of course, it all fades to pitch
And becomes all blurry jumbled up
And confused,
Just like me.

But if these moments are blurry for me,
Are they just as muddled for you?
Thank the gods, I guess then-
You won’t remember the pace of my heartbeat
Or the blush on my cheeks after this
Has passed.


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