Missing Piece

Don’t you think that it’s more than coincidence
That those who fit together are opposites?
Like the poles of the magnet
And the world that keep it spinning,
Puzzle pieces fit only when they
Are exact opposites of each other;

Try as you might,
You’ll never fit the same piece twice
And they’ll never connect to any old random piece.
You can stack them on top of each other, sure-
But at the slightest wind,
They’ll fall apart.
Puzzle pieces meant for each other
Form an unbreakable connection with
Each other.

Now the hard part is just finding the one that fits
In this seven billion piece puzzle
That is the world we know today.
What are the odds of finding success
Within the few small years we can grasp?
And if we settle for less, rest be assured-
We’ll live the rest of our lives feeling like we
Truly do not belong.
Take into consideration the odds of
Finding a piece that seems to fit
Only to realize it was the wrong one after all.
Then how much time will be left to find
That missing piece?

Missing Piece

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