Time moves too fast for me to catch up with.
But who hasn’t left me in the dust? Lonely lovers with their lies
And the empty promises they make about
Writing back,
I guess it’s time for cheers
To another year, to being

The words today won’t come out, they must be stuck on this
Gooshy keyboard cover that makes the buttons a little less slippery and a little more grippy
In the way I wish you would try to hold onto me.
Almost lethargically, I
Type these words crippled by the weirdness of this keyboard cover.
It’s weird because it’s new, and just like this experience of being sixteen,
With time, I’ll get over it.
My only fear is that
By the time I’m all acquainted with these new ghosts
Having exchanged numbers and all the whatnot,
They will have moved on and I’ll be stuck with learning new names
At seventeen.

It’s like a sonata for me,
It’s the same theme with slight variations each time it comes up.
But then why is it so goddamned hard
To keep up with the tempo?
It’s just a few extra notes here and there,
But that’s all it takes to distort the melody.

Sixteen in a few
Means almost nothing to me
When I look past the aesthetic satisfaction of the candles.
Actually, I wish they were a little less sixteen candles
When I look at the icing on the cake and realize
That this might mean a year of sixteen
But a lifetime of confusion.


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