I’m three days away from sixteen now. Just watched Zootopia, and I feel like there’s something I need to get off my chest.
Nothing of even the slightest interest happened between us today. But then how come I feel compelled to write about this? Is this what people call love?
I’ve never been so confused as to how I feel over a single person. Why do I always doubt myself; why is it that all that it takes is a soft smile from you to make me start stumbling and falling for you again?
The only one that can have this effect on me is you. And right now, I’m pretty sure that you don’t know that. But I’m contemplating getting this off my chest so I can push you out. I can’t repair the cracks in my heart if you’re taking them up.
There’s great symbolism in Zootopia, yeah. And how you should never give up on your dreams is one of the big motifs. But it leaves me wondering,
The symbolism of us, doesn’t it point to letting things go?


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