Unlikely Us

There’s a fine line between life and death
And being with you this way merely
Blurs such lines.
Like predator and prey,
We are too unlikely, too different
To be.
How can I trust a fox to
Suppress his biology
When it is the only thing he has ever known?

Deceive me once and fool me twice,
Thanks for lying
When all I wanted to do was help.

How can I trust myself to hold my ground
When faced with the ultimatum of saving myself
Or saving us?
All my life I’ve been told that I was powerless to save the world,
Powerless to save even myself.
So how do you expect me to feel
About taking your hand?

But these differences are what define us. I’ve always been crushed
And you’ve always lived a liar.
But second chances are for the living,
So I’ll take two steps closer to you and take the plunge
Because I won’t remember you as you were but
As you are,
And if you follow suit
I want you to remember a friend as good as good can be.
If this is biology
Then let’s put chemistry into the equation
And calculate what happens when I add
Me and You.
You are everything that I am not
And I own everything that you lack. Maybe our contrary
Natures make us a better pair than
Any other friendship can be.

Unlikely Us

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