It’s Strange

It’s strange how I want to
Lead you by the hand and drag you
Anywhere across the world but here
So we can sit on rooftops at five P.M.
Drinking in the last few drops of sun
As our fingers inch closer together
Little by little.
Nervously laugh
To the rhythm of the sleepy birds
And take in the sights
As much as we take in each other.

Pessimists don’t live long
And I never asked for immortality,
But every second with you seems divided in half
So that I may need that very eternity
In order to get my daily dosage
Of you.

The way time bends around you
And the way I dare not say your name out loud
Is reminiscent of the way
I snuck out to see the asteroid showers
In the middle of the summer
With the phone in my hand blurring my vision and my thoughts,
Filling both of them
With nothing but

It’s Strange

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