The Beginner’s Guide to Love

So you’ve got questions
Looking for answers.
Lucky you, I’ve got
Just enough knowledge
To write you a prescription.

You know it’s love
When the first thought in your mind isn’t
“Wow, sucks to wake up early”
But is instead the blurred memories of a dream
That quite certainly had something to do
With them.

It’s also love when the stupid things they say
Stick with you for a lot longer than they should.
You know you’re doomed when you hear the blood in your ears
When they move just the slightest bit closer
As you kick yourself
For squeaking out a measly little

So how do you get rid
Of these sensations,
And how do you mend
The inevitable broken heart?
This is where the extent of my knowledge
Meets its end.
Because frankly, I don’t know
And you’re all
On your own from here on out.

The Beginner’s Guide to Love

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