Bitterness is Worse After Honey

I’ll always be your seven
But she’ll always be your six-point-nine,
And I know, the thing that actually matters
Is the fact that
You’ll fuck me up in the day and
Fuck with her in the night. I’ve never seen so many
Hellos and Goodbyes exchanged like this,
Put us both on a pH scale and you’ll see
She’s basic,
But I’m the bitter one.

People say that life’s unfair
And I guess if I label you as my life,
That holds true. But you don’t own me
And I will never let you;
I think it’s long overdue that I
Flip the table and a bird over to you,
Grab the deck and shuffle the cards so you have no way to play
A sleight of hand, under the table where only
Subtle glances give you away.

I hate the way you take control
And it’s my job to take back the reins so that I can
Leave you behind in the dust in the same way
You drive off into your cliché little sunset
With your doppleganger of a princess in the
Passenger seat of your Mercedes.

Bitterness is Worse After Honey

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