In My Brain

I write from the heart
And from the soul
Just to try and find a glimpse of the girl
I used to be.
One summer was all it took
To age me to fourty-two
And no one’s found
The fountain of youth yet.

Take me back
Take me back
Take me back,
To the days when all I did was eat
Vanilla bean ice cream on
Lazy california days
As I watched the sun fall from the sky
With not a single thought about you,
Without any consciousness of your existence.

These days all I want to do is
Trade in these sleepless nights with views from my roof
Waiting for the stars to reassure me that I do, in fact, exist-
And that I am so much more than you fail to see.

How can a girl change so much
Over unrequited love? Maybe clichés
Are overused because they ring true,
Like the fact that heartbreak kills a person
And the horrors of death
Bring an end to innocence.
I’ve had my fair share of cut lifelines
And i do so wish that I
Could bring myself to escape the traps set before me-
But to no avail,
I am lost once again
With no map to guide me home.

In My Brain

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