Reality Check

Late at night all I can remember is
The way our eyes used to meet each other
Across hallways
As if we could stop time
And push past insecurities that kept us apart.

I loved you so much then
And you were so oblivious to my true intentions
That you made up lies for yourself to keep
From burning up in my flames.
I apologize solely
For producing more CO2 than neccesary-
But those who play with fire should get ready
To be burned.

Back then, I was kind
But that was when Love was on my side
To help forgive the tiny pains I went through for you.
But now that the feelings subside
It’s as if I’ve doused my heart scarred with papercuts
Into alcohol.
It all comes rushing back to me
Like waking up from a dream-
Like falling from the sky with no parachute
And waking up to realize
That my dreams are coming true.

Reality Check

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